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Per Aspera

TurboShaker Pro

TurboShaker Pro

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Upgrade your gym gear with the TurboShaker Pro by PerAspera. Using cutting edge technology blitz away the days of lumpy and separated protein shakes with the new standard of protein shakers. 


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Powered by a powerful motor that supports USB-C fast charging its designed to be recharged on the go if necessary. 


With a speed of 7000rpm the TurboShaker Pro makes short work of any shake your heart desires.

Lightweight and convenient

Its made from sustainable and lightweight food safe material, the perfect replacement for that old smelly shaker cup.

The Perfect Gift

The TurboShaker Pro uses the latest blender technology to ensure a smooth and convenient ease of use. It is effective due to its powerful motor that reaches speeds of 7000rpm on the go! The perfect gift for that special someone that is all about their shakes.

Assured Quality

Designed and prototyped within the UK the Turboshaker Pro is robustly tested and quality checked to ensure that it performs as advertised. We also offer a 14-day money back guarantee in case you change your mind although we promise you wont!

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